MetroNirvana offers customized wellness solutions to your organization's needs after an in-depth consultation. Our programs meet the interests of employees’ at all hierarchical levels. The programs are engaging, comprehensive, and presented in a manner relevant to current business scenario.

Our programs can either stand alone, or complement your other trainings as a blended learning solution. They can be conducted during a special event, business conference, orientation programs, employee enhancement programs, annual refreshers meet, weekend retreats etc.

Currently we are offering 4 types of expertise:
Life Coaching Seminars
Experiential Workshops
Renewal Retreats

Life Coaching Seminars:

Taking our vision of “wellness at the workplace”, we conduct various specialized life-skill seminars from the corporate perspective. Each holistic seminar is for a minimum of 2 hours which can be extended up to 6 hours as a one or multi-day program.  These seminars bring about personal growth besides team building and corporate transformation–all leading to optimal business.

We offer the following seminars:

Wellness and Lifestyle Management
Stress Management
Work-Life Balance
Quarter-life crisis
Mid-life crisis
Corporate Burnout
Supernova Burnout
Women’s wellness
Happiness at workplace
Spirituality at workplace
Anger Management

Experiential Workshops:

MetroNirvana helps achieve wellness through a patented modality called, PowerJuvenation™. PowerJuvenation comprises a series of workshops that have been created for the hurried stressed out corporate executives, who want to be more productive! These proactive workshops help de-stress and rejuvenate in the shortest possible time.

Acting on the physiological, cognitive, behavioral and spiritual levels of participants, these workshops positively impact the attitude, morale, and loyalty of your employees. We offer the following workshops which range from 1 hour to 4 hours:

PowerJuvenation Plus™
PowerJuvenation Yoga™
PowerJuvenation Meditation™
PowerJuvenation Breath Works™
PowerJuvenation Naps™
PowerJuvenation Creative Expressions™
Renewal Retreats:

The Renewal Retreat is a great holistic break for those looking to de-stress and detox. This retreat is an opportunity to restore, revive and rebalance your life using various wellness and therapeutic tools. A day at the retreat helps you learn how to live a more balanced and fulfilled life.


Our qualified psychotherapist counsels in confidence, to help your employees sort things out and find optimal solutions for them in 3 settings:

Individual Employee Counseling
Joint Counseling
(between colleagues / team member and boss)
Group Counseling
(between section heads / teams / departments)


“MetroNirvana’s programs are attracting employers because of its simplicity and effectiveness.”

Times of India