What is the key to wellness?

Human beings exist on 4 levels - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. When these states are not in sync, the element of stress creeps in and leads to illness. Thus, wellness is not the absence of disease, but a holistic balance between these 4 states.
What is our USP?
MetroNirvana helps achieve wellness through a patented modality called, PowerJuvenation. PowerJuvenation comprises a series of workshops that have been created for the hurried stressed out corporate executives, who want to be more productive! These proactive workshops help de-stress and rejuvenate in the shortest possible time.
What are the wellness programs that we offer?
We offer our expertise from the corporate perspective through:
Life coaching Seminars
Experiential Workshops
Renewal Retreats
These holistic programs range from 1 to 8 hours as a one or multi-day program and bring about personal growth besides team building and corporate transformation – all leading to optimal business.
How can MetroNirvana help your organization?
We offer customized wellness solutions to your organization's needs after an in-depth consultation. Our programs meet the interests of employees’ at all hierarchical levels in every organization steering towards the path of wellness. These programs are engaging, comprehensive, and presented in a manner relevant to current business scenario. Understand it’s your employees’ wellbeing that leads to the wellbeing of your company as an entity!
How can our programs fit in your schedule?
Our programs can either stand alone, or complement your other trainings as a blended learning solution. They can be conducted during a special event, business conference, orientation programs, employee enhancement programs, annual refreshers meet, weekend retreats etc.
How can our programs benefit professionals?
Our varied programs help you in:
being more healthy and happy
handling stress and striking work-life balance
enhancing ability to work under pressure
reducing the fatigue factor and boosting energy levels
improving clarity of thought & decision-making skills
increasing professional satisfaction
enhancing performance and productivity
reducing the number of sick days


“Your program is ideal for helping retain valuable managers, and save them from burnout and job dissatisfaction.”

Suchorita Mookerjee,
Manager- Legal,IBM