Silence is to the mind what sleep is to the body. During ancient times, silence was holy and the pace of life was under our control. Today, time is money and ‘doing’ is more important than ‘being’. When running towards deadlines becomes a norm, stopping and pausing in silence is seen as unproductive.

Silence amidst noise is taking ‘micro breaks’ during the day... for seconds to minutes with eyes closed or with deep breaths. People should practice ‘doing nothing’ for some time as a leisure activity. Such acts allow feelings and thoughts from the deepest recesses of our minds to surface. This breaks the monotony and helps get in touch with one, thereby enhancing emotional wellbeing. It also helps pain to surface, thereby promoting bonding with loved ones.

Man’s problems stem largely from his inability to be by himself! How can we find silence when we are afraid of it? People are trying hard to keep themselves busy, because if they were not distracting themselves with all and sundry, they’d be afraid to face their own thoughts! Only people who have the courage to face themselves can find silence. Relaxation can come to those who are at peace with themselves.
We live in a world with information and sensory overload. Right from stress at the workplace to doing the best for our family and children; we are occupied both mentally and physically. The best way out of this phenomenon is to use poet W.H. Davies’ words from his famous Poem ‘Leisure’, What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare?’

Catch some ‘me time’ — anything from a massage, to reading, to watching nature. Remain in the present, and let go of things you have no control over. In short, the best way of finding silence amidst the noise is by recognizing the power of self.


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Mitul Bid, Gemstone Systems