About Us

Vikram is a chief wellness and life coach. His pragmatic approach to holistic living in the modern world draws from the wisdom of yoga, nature, ayurveda, philosophy, psychology, and nearly two decades of personal practice and experience. A management and law graduate, Vikram has nearly 15 years of work experience in the service industry, during which he witnessed stress at all hierarchies in the corporate world. In the course of teaching these varied wellness skills to individuals for many years, he was amazed how significant these techniques proved in unleashing the productivity potential of people. This inspired him to start MetroNirvana so he could realize his vision of “wellness in the workplace” by bringing these holistic techniques to the corporate world.

, wellness coach, is a qualified Psychotherapist from California, USA. She has a master’s in Psychology and Sociology. As a therapist, she believes in the body-mind-soul connection. She has explored and practiced various alternative therapies over the past two decades such as Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, and Buddhist healing. As a wellness coach she helps her clients grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually, to achieve a holistic balance in their lives.



“The best thing about the seminar was that, we weren't asked to remove the negatives but instill some positives in our daily lives. This strategy of small changes is leading us to a healthier life.”

Annie Fernandez, Project Leader, Sutherland Global Services